30/10/17 Lecture1

On the first lecture of Sustainable design, we learnt about the fundamental concept of Sustainable and the theme of TED’s TEN strategies to Design. Specifically, to minimalise  wasteand design for cyclability.

As a fundamental keyword of Sustainable Design, there are Environmental Space, Circular economy, Fload Circular System, Cyclability and Anthropocene.

To minimalist waste, we can cut out all the fabrics without wasting(zero waste), dematerialising, multi functioning, inventing durable materials.

There were some artists who’ve been working about eco-system. Firstly, the artist Edward Burtinsky who takes top-viewed pictures of the landscape like waterway, or current figure of urban cities.

(Edward Burtynsky, 2017)

Shell mycelium installation was very intrigued for me as well. This is an installation which are made with fungus. After the exhibition, the installation will be disintegrated by mycelium and this process of work represented really well how all of our things even us are born, grow up and die. Life circulation.

(designboom | architecture & design magazine, 2017)

Through this examples and the basic of sustainable design, I started to think about the materials what I’ve been overused during the process of graphic designing. And I realised that especially papers and inks for printing or product design and package design are making huge amount of waste.

During the research, I found really interesting recycled artwork, which is called “Ragchair” by Droog design. This nice textured chair is made by abandoned blankets from people.

(Remyveenhuizen.nl, 2013)


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17/11/17 Presentation



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